TrackerShells Discreet Stealth Bike Mount for Apple AirTag.


TrackerShells Discreet Stealth AirTag tracker Bike Mount



The Tracker Shell for AirTag is the perfect way to discreetly mount an Apple AirTag to your bike. Whether you’re cycling for exercise, in a big race, or navigating city streets always have a beat on where your bike is. This Airtag holder is what you need.
Small will fit up to 26.5mm in diameter, 83.25mm in circumference
Medium will fit 26.6 to 29mm in diameter, 83.3 to 91mm in circumference
Custom bracket for anything greater than 29mm in diameter, 92mm in circumference.
I designed the Tracker Shell with two things in mind: First the shell has to blend in with your bike, that Apple logo is not meant to be seen on your valuable bike. Second I didn’t want it to take up valuable space on the bike frame. On smaller bike frames a few extra millimeters under a water bottle cage can limit the size of water bottle and other accessories used on the bike.
The Tracker Shell is a 3D printed case incorporated into a manufactured bicycle rear reflector. You receive the Shell, reflector and seat tube mount all assembled into a single product. The AirTag compartment is held together with a metal screw and a metal nut to ensure maximum strength.
*AirTag not included
Apple owns all trademarks, not an official product.

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Small Seat Tube 23mm to 26.5mm in diameter, Medium 26.6mm to 29mm in diameter, Large 29mm to 34mm in diameter


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